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Our Terms Of Privacy

All of us at Supermario64 always recognize everybody's online private information. Our privacy policy here provides details regarding how everybody's personal data is managed and used. All of us at Supermario64 will strictly use your personal information in ways that are completely consistent with our privacy disclosure.

Supermario64.com will not collect, share, use or save personal identifiable data here such as first and last name and postal address.

Who else collects the visitor details here? No one.

Who else can access privately identifiable data here on supermario64.com? No outside partners have access.

Supermario64.com supplies hyperlinks to additional play free games sites. At the time you click on hyperlinks, you will arrive at an other site. Feel free to become familiar with the comprehensive privacy statements of a different site that provides an independent policy.

At the time we amend the supermario64.com privacy policy, we will post comprehensive notification here.

Are cookies used here by Supermario64.com? No.

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